Resolving Array values

Sometimes, vendor prefixed styles require multiple values for a single property. Technically, we can't have multiple values for a single key in a JavaScript object. That's why both prefixer use an array of values instead e.g.

  display: [ '-webkit-flex', '-moz-flex', 'flex' ]

Yet, these arrays cannot be used as is. If you're using inline styles you need to resolve them. Many other CSS-in-JS solutions, might provide functionality to resolve them automatically, but it is not ensured.

Basically, we want to get single string out after all.
The above example would be transformed to the following valid CSS string:

  display: '-webkit-flex;display:-moz-flex;display:flex'

To achieve that, I recommend using the resolveArrayValue API provided by css-in-js-utils.


import { resolveArrayValue } from 'css-in-js-utils'

const displayValue = [ '-webkit-flex', '-moz-flex', 'flex' ]

resolveArrayValue('display', displayValue)
// => '-webkit-flex;display:-moz-flex;display:flex'

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