Special Plugins

Sometimes it is not enough to just prefix a property, but you also need to prefix the value or even transform the property and value completely. Plugins are used to tackle browser incompatibilities. File an issue or submit a PR if a plugin you need is missing (these are roughly equivalent to Autoprefixer's hacks). The following plugins are included by default:

Plugin Description
calc Adds support for prefixed calc() values on any property.
crossFade Adds support for prefixed cross-fade() values.
cursor Adds support for prefixed cursor values grab, grabbing, zoom-in and zoom-out.
filter Adds support for prefixed filter() values.
flex Adds support for prefixed display values using display: flex or display: inline-flex.
flexboxIE Adds trasformators for the early 2012 flexbox specification used in IE 10 and IE Mobile 10.
flexboxOld Adds trasformators for the old 2009 flexbox specification used in old Webkit-based browsers.
gradient Adds support for prefixed background and backgroundImage values linear-gradient(), radial-gradient(), repeating-linear-gradient() and repeating-radial-gradient().
imagetSet Adds support for prefixed imaget-set() values.
logical Adds support for prefixed CSS logical properties.
position Adds support for the prefixed position value on sticky.
sizing Adds support for prefixed maxHeight, maxWidth, width, height, columnWidth,minWidth, minHeight intrinsic & extrinsic sizing values min-content, max-content, fill-available, fit-content, contain-floats.
transition Adds support for prefixed CSS properties on transition and transitionProperty values.

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