You need to have the caniuse-api package installed.

yarn add caniuse-api --dev

Generates all the data needed to create your own prefix function. It uses a list of browser versions to determine the required prefixes. It also writes the data to a file if path is provided. The files are directly written in valid JavaScript, so that they can be imported and used as is.

The files always export an object with two keys: prefixMap and plugins.


Argument Type Description
browserList (Object) An object containing a browser:version mapping used to generate the required prefixes
options (Object?) generator configurations


(Object) generated data as an object with the keys prefixMap and plugins.


Option Value Default Description
path (string?) Filepath where the generated data is saved
compatibility (boolean?) false Save the data in valid ES5 syntax (default is ES2015)
prefixMap (boolean?) true Generate (and save) the prefixMap
plugins (boolean?) true Generate (and save) the plugin list


import generateData from 'inline-style-prefixer/lib/generator'

const browserList = {
  chrome: 46,
  android: 4,
  firefox: 40,
  ios_saf: 8,
  safari: 8,
  ie: 11,
  edge: 12,
  opera: 16,
  op_mini: 12,
  and_uc: 9,
  and_chr: 46

generateData(browserList, {
  path: `PATH_TO_ASSETS/data.js`,
  compatibility: false,
  prefixMap: true,
  plugins: false

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