Creating your own prefixAll

This guide is quite similar to Creating your own Prefixer, but focuses on the static prefixer version. Make sure to read it first, as it describes the concepts with much more detail, as not everything is repeated here as well.

Generating static data

First of all we need to install the caniuse-api.

yarn add caniuse-api --dev

Again, we are using generateData and a browserList to get our static data. This we will save the data to the staticPath.

import generateData from './modules/generator'

const browserList = {
  chrome: 46,
  android: 4,
  firefox: 40,
  ios_saf: 8,
  safari: 8,
  ie: 11,
  ie_mob: 11,
  edge: 12,
  opera: 16,
  op_mini: 12,
  and_uc: 9,
  and_chr: 46

generateData(browserList, {
  staticPath: `${__dirname}/modules/static/staticData.js`

Creating the prefixAll

Now that we have the data, we simply need to use the createPrefixer helper.

import createPrefixer from 'inline-style-prefixer/static/createPrefixer'

import staticData from './modules/static/staticData'

const prefixAll = createPrefixer(staticData)

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